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Going #NoFilter with Skin Disease

See how the #nofilter movement is empowering people with skin conditions to show who they really are.

Imagine this. Kanye West spent FOUR days editing his wedding photo before he let his new bride, Kim Kardashian, share it on Instagram. Four days of editing!

Kanye’s not alone. In today’s Instagram-driven world, the use of filters and editing apps has created a world of beauty…and most of it’s not entirely real. Want to smooth out those wrinkles? Apps like Facetune can make you look younger in a matter of minutes. Feel like making that sunset just a bit brighter? You don’t even need to leave the Instagram app to do that – just choose a filter.

But the reality is, the world as we see it doesn’t have a filter. It’s raw, natural, organic, and authentic. And often times, what we see and what we love is imperfect, or different.

Enter the #NoFilter movement.

What does #NoFilter stand for?

Put simply, #NoFilter is a hashtag that indicates that your image was not modified in any way. More so, it’s a gentle pull back from how digital technology has evolved photography and the way we see each into other’s lives. As a movement, no filter is a quest for authenticity.

The #NoFilter movement is gaining steam. According to the GQ Magazine, there are more than 33 million examples of #nofilter on Instagram, and even a dedicated website to help you determine if someone is using a filter on their image!

There’s genuine value in capturing the world as it is. Capturing people as they are. Presenting imagery with #NoFilter and hoping for the best. For a lot of people, the beauty is in the uniqueness, the differences, the details, and/or the imperfections of a photo. It’s also what makes us human, and the #NoFilter movement is looking to bring this level of realness back to human conversation, even online.

Going #NoFilter with a skin condition

When you’re living with a skin condition, the #NoFilter movement isn’t so simple. For some, filters have been a lifesaver – they allow you to post photos of yourself and hide an outbreak of Urticaria, or smooth out your Psoriasis flare up. And there’s no shame in that – to filter or not to filter is an individual choice.

But for some, the #NoFilter movement is helping them own their skin conditions. It’s encouraging them to share photos of their true, authentic selves. Winnie Harlow, a contestant on the popular US-based television show America’s Next Top Model, doesn’t use filters to hide her vitiligo, and everyone’s talking about it. And Em Ford, a former model and professional filmmaker, is showing her severe acne with no makeup, and using an inspiring video to shed light on people’s close-minded view of what beauty means.

Either way, you can take action

Whether you choose to join the #NoFilter movement or not, you can share your story and help people understand that the age-old saying is true: beauty is more than skin deep.

That’s why we’re asking people around the world to tell us through photos how they feel on the inside – beyond their skin condition, they’re sharing who they are and what they stand for. And whether they choose to use a filter on that image or not, the movement serves to remind people that we’re all more than just our skin.

Feel passionate about this message? Join us. Write on your skin how you feel on the inside, post a photo of it, and use the hashtag #SkinImpressions. We can’t wait to see what truly defines each and every one of you.

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