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What It’s Like Living with Psoriasis, in GIFs

After struggling to communicate her experience with psoriasis, Brittany finally found a medium that worked…GIFs!

Brittany, a born-and-raised New Yorker, was diagnosed with psoriasis just a few years ago. Upon her diagnosis, she jumped right into psoriasis advocacy work and started her own blog, committing herself to helping others living with psoriasis.

Trying to explain what I am going through during a flare-up is a constant struggle, regardless of whether it is through written or spoken word. I can never find the appropriate way to truly share what the experience is like. One minute I’m trying some new ‘remedy’, the next I’m at the doctors, the next I'm being stared at on the street, all the while I’m itchy…SO itchy.

My solution for helping to talk about it? GIFs! They’re a fun way to show what I’m going through when a flare-up occurs, and it helps make light of my psoriasis situation.

Do you have trouble talking about your flare-ups or telling friends and family what it is like living with psoriasis? Then take my advice. GIFs help! Take a look at my eight most frequently used GIFs for explaining what I'm going through with my psoriasis:

1. First and foremost, there is the constant need to scratch. I know it's so bad, but it feels SO good to do it.


2. I’ll try anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to say "bye-bye" to those flakes.


3. What’s that I see? A new ‘miracle’ cream to reduce my psoriasis? I’ll take a barrel of it, please. Does it work? Of course not!


4. I get down on myself when the remedies fail. To add to that, I have a love/hate relationship with the clothes in my closet. Long sleeves and turtlenecks, good. Everything else, bad. 


5. Even with a ‘psoriasis approved’ outfit on, people stare at my plaques when I’m in public. If I wanted to be looked at, I would hang out at the zoo.


6. Some good news comes up: I learn that moderate sun exposure could potentially reduce psoriasis plaques.1


7. But summer ends and I’m back to where I was. So, what do I do? I don’t wait around for the sun, I get out and do something: I head to my doctor’s office. It’s tough at first and when I finally get down to business with my doctor, there are a lot of tough conversations that make me feel like this.


8. Turns out, those doctor’s visits lead to more productive conversations. I’m sure that the healthcare professionals I met with felt this way after some good news:


I realize that these don’t cover everything that people living with psoriasis deal with. I wanted to cover what I’m dealing with. If there’s anything you can learn from my experiences - or GIFs, for that matter - it’s that you can’t sit idly by and wait for it to get better. Seek help and don’t become complacent in your quest for better skin. That way, you can feel like this:


  1. The Psoriasis and Psoriatic Alliance. Psoriasis and the Sun. http://www.papaa.org/further-information/psoriasis-and-sun

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