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10 Emojis You Totally Get If You Live With Urticaria

Feelings are tough to convey - that’s why there are emojis. So, what do emojis look like that have to do with chronic urticaria? 

It is hard sometimes to express yourself when it comes to chronic urticaria (CU). There are so many emotions that come into play. Sometimes, it’s tough to put it into words.

Although this may seem silly to some, emojis help to convey emotions and make light of a dark situation. To add to that silliness, we decided to grab some unique emojis - the ones from Skin to live in’s The BREAK Room - to share specific feelings about CU. For those who haven't experienced The BREAK Room, it was designed for people living with urticaria to gear up and virtually smash emojis that they know too well. For example, if you’re feeling anxious about a date noticing your red skin, you can smash the anxiety emoji with the virtual cannon! Visit The BREAK Room to experience it for yourself. Check them out below:

1) Confused

Living with CU can definitely be a confusing journey. At first, you have no idea what is happening to your body, and when you do finally get a diagnosis (which could take a long time), then come the questions: How do I deal with this? How do I take the necessary steps to tackle this disease? 

2) Fed up


Unfortunately, there are some days with CU where you just “can’t”. You can’t function, make it into work/school, or get out of bed. The image above says it all!

3) Tired


 You know that 3pm time-to-nap feeling? Well, people with CU get that All. The. Time. Read this article for more.

4) Anxious


 It feels SO good to make it through a week with no hives or symptoms, but sometimes the anxiety of when they will happen again is tough to bare. It’s just unfair that even when you aren’t going through a breakout, you are worried about the next breakout!

5) Painful (Hives)


We’ve all had those days during a breakout: We wake up feeling like we are on FIRE. If you’re no stranger to that skin-on-fire feeling, this emoji is your enemy. 

6) Overwhelmed


There is definitely a learning curve when living with CU. There are many trials and errors in finding out how CU will change your life - like maybe you can no longer wear your favorite pants, or favorite pair of heels. Maybe it affects your social life: canceling plans and dates. Making these changes would overwhelm anyone!

7) Angry


 This is one of the most common ones. Maybe you’ve learned that your favorite activity, like playing a sport, has now been scratched off your list of things-to-do list because it causes breakouts. Or maybe you didn’t sleep last night because you were scratching your hives the whole time, and the next day someone at work asks you, "why do you look so tired?" 

8) Depressed


Although there are many areas of CU that can bring you down, it’s the decision of treatment that can also be depressing: Is there any real way to treat this? If so, what do I take? What is the best treatment? What kind of doctor do I even see for CU? At times, the medical information and options can become be so overwhelming that it brings you down. Quick tip, if you have questions like this too, visit the urticaria section of Skin to live in.

9) Desperation

The search for relief can lead people to attempt some desperate and scary methods of symptom management, like taking oatmeal baths, rubbing crushed berries on their skin or buying rocks (Yes, even rocks). These routes don’t always work for everyone, as some Skin to live in community members have shared with us, but you get to a point when you'll try anything to relieve your skin. Rule of thumb: when trying something new for relief, consult your doctor first.

10) Stressed


We’ve all felt this one. Breaking out stresses me out and, unfortunately, stress may be a trigger. You can get in a vicious cycle of being stressed about breaking out, which leads to a breakout! Luke, a Skin to live in writer, put it best: “…When I get stressed out, I break out. And then breaking out gets me stressed out!” 

There’s a mantra that you should always remember: Fight back. Any struggle faced when living with this disease just makes you stronger and more resilient. There is nothing that chronic urticaria can throw at you that you cannot overcome! So get out there, fight back, and while you’re at it, smash a few emojis in The BREAK Room!

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