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10 GIFs Only a Person with Urticaria Can Relate To

Shelly Maree is a Patient Advocate and one of our young, energetic writers for Skin To Live In. She is passionate about raising public awareness for CSU and encouraging supportive online communities for those diagnosed. Shelly currently resides in Los Angeles, where she created and manages the online Chronic Urticaria Awareness Team.

Living with any rare disease can be a pain in the butt. Living with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU) can be a pain in the EVERYTHING. We all know how difficult and isolating this disease can be, but the good news is that you really aren’t alone! Here are some experiences, expressed in wonderful GIFs, that many people living with CSU know all too well.

  1. When you first start noticing the strange, red bumps on your body.

  2. And your internet search wrongly tells you you’re probably going to die.

  3. It itches…

  4. It burns…

  5. And it HURTS.

  6. There is a sort-of-relief you feel when a doctor FINALLY figures it out (which can take YEARS, for some) until you realize what a Chronic Urticaria diagnoses entails.

  7. And the endless journey to try to find relief (starting online).

  8. But, at the end of the day, you know you’ve got this.

  9. So you keep a positive attitude, your head up, and you talk to people about CSU!

  10. Because learning to live with CSU will only made you a stronger person – You are AWESOME and you don’t have let your skin disease hold you down!

Can you relate? Are you thinking of some other moments that we all deal with? The emotional toll that CSU can take on a person is substantial, and sometimes downright overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to combat these struggles are to face life with humor, and to reach out and connect with those who understand. Remember, you are never alone! And let us know on Twitter or Facebook some of the other frustrating, hilarious, or just plain silly experiences you’ve had when living with a skin disease.

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