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Ready, Set, BREAK!

It may seem tough to get away from the constraints of urticaria. See how we are creating awareness about urticaria with The BREAK Room and a launcher! 

Those living with urticaria know that it’s very tough to get away from the constraints of the disease. From losing sleep, to getting/keeping a job, urticaria can disrupt your life in many ways.

But it doesn’t have to. Here at Skin to live in, we’ve created a real opportunity for people living with urticaria (and everyone else) to break free from their day with a simple and fun distraction.

It starts in The BREAK Room – a physical space filled with custom emojis that represent the unique challenges of living with urticaria. With the press of a button, you can take control of a digital launcher to break those emojis and all the frustrating feelings associated with them, like anger, hives, anxiety and itch.

 Does your urticaria have you feeling exhausted? Aim the launcher at the tired looking emoji and smash it. 

Can you relate to that sad looking emoji today? Destroy it.

Is that a giant blue emoji covered in hives? Shatter it.

It’s our hope that by providing this space, it will give people living with urticaria a small bit of relief from their day, and help raise awareness about the burden of urticaria worldwide. Take a look and see it in action, here: 


Recently, two of our Skin to live in writers - Luke and Shelly – spent some time in The BREAK Room. See what they had to say:


There was this sense of relief that felt so good. When I’m stressed out, sometimes my hives appear and attack my body, and as they attack, I get even more stressed out - it's the hardest cycle to break. This game, although it doesn't break that cycle, exemplifies what I go through and gives me hope to break free! Now, back to the game to see if I can get in the top 10!


How great would it be if urticaria was a tangible thing at which we could take aim, fire and destroy? That was what I had in mind when I first began playing with the launcher. I imagined that each little face represented my hives, and was really enjoying smashing them to bits! It made me wonder, how would people react to this disease if it was as visible and obvious as these plates were? Would people care more?

It was great to get a chance to visualize my disease as something outside of me - separate from myself - and have a little fun with it!

The BREAK Room is now open to all for your launching pleasure. Visit The BREAK Room to try the launcher out for yourself! Using the launcher is quick, easy and fun. Plus, there are some additional “BREAK Free” resources here on Skin to Live In, which may help you break free from your urticaria in real life, too.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how you feel on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages! 

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