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The Holly and the Hives: A Festive Flare

Admin Page Luke

Luke is a Skin to Live In writer living with Urticaria for over ten years. He’s active in the urticaria community online and has many powerful stories to tell. He is also married and currently lives in Canada with his wife and newborn.

An Unwelcome Distraction

The Christmas that just passed was one of several that played out the same way…

I woke up on Christmas Day with a body full of hives.

I knew that there was a chance that this could happen, since with my luck, hives tend to strike at all of my most special occasions. This time, it was Christmas.

Our family likes to get together around noon to exchange and open gifts, followed by some cocktails and a full, hearty feast. Unlike everyone around me, I was not enthusiastic at all nor was I very merry. I kept to myself, was very quiet, and I tried my hardest not to draw any attention. If anyone asked if I was alright, I would nod with distress and discomfort in an effort to deter any follow up questions. “Please end this conversation” I would think to myself.

As if the itching wasn’t enough, all I could think about was going home, stripping off my clothes and jumping in to bed…to feel that coolness of the bedsheets wrapping my hot, itching, blood-boiling body. To disappear is what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong , I love Christmas, and I love my family. Spending time with them is one of my favorite things to do. But looking depressed with a body covered with hives was not how I was hoping to spend Christmas day with my loved ones!

A different person

My family would tell me to cheer up, and that it doesn’t bother them. But it’s not so simple. It’s not fair that I have to go through this. I’m not myself when I have hives; I am someone else; a person who finds it difficult to smile, challenging to do activities, reluctant to take pictures, and most regrettably, a Grinch to everyone around me.

Have you had a similar experience to Luke? Do you find it difficult to stay positive around family and friends when your symptoms are making you feel unwell?

Speaking to others who are having similar experiences may help you to find a way to keep your spirits high despite your skin condition. So remember support is available; speak to your doctor, or join one of the many online communities and support groups to get the help and support you need.

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